Wolfberry offers support in most IT-related areas, with roles such as:

  • Solutions Architect / System Architect
  • Project Manager / SCRUM Master /Product Owner
  • DevOps Engineer / Software Developer (.NET, Android, iOS, Linux, Web, DB, Cloud, Embedded, etc.)
  • Requirement Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Technical Interviewer

Here are some of the many roles in which we’ve helped different clients:

Solutions Architect
Techniques: The C4 model, Auth0, Azure, .NET 2/3/5/6, C#, SQL, CI/CD, ARM Templates, IaC, Docker, Hybrid Cloud, SCRUM, KANBAN, Smart Farming

System Architect, Project Coordinator & Developer
Techniques: BioCentric Lighting, Cloud Architect, IoT Architect, Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT, Azure AD B2C, DevOps, ARM templates, Embedded Linux, Security, …

Senior Lead Software Engineer
Techniques: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Enterprise Architecture, Microservices, Java Spring Boot, JUnit, Hibernate, Java Persistent API (JPA), Cloud SQL, OAuth, AuthN/AuthZ, Confluence, Jira (SCRUM), Agile methods, coaching,, GitHub, Git, YAML, Docker, Docker Compose, Node.js, yarn, Makefile, serverless, Pub/Sub, Cloud KMS, Cloud Storage, Secret Manager, Open API, Swagger, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Genesys, Microsoft Dynamics 365

.NET Developer
Techniques: C#, LINQ, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, React, SQL, Redux, Octupus Deploy, JIRA (SCRUM), BitBucket, Git, Postman, AppVeyor, IIS 7, REST API, HTTP Security Headers, Name ISP reseller API, FRENDS Enterprise Integration Platform, RFC 1035

iOS App Developer
Techniques: Objective-C, Xcode, iOS, Sonarqube, software architecture, unit testing, JSON, REST API, Realm database framework, JIRA, Subversion, Git, Gitla

Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Techniques: OpenEmbedded, C++, Yocto project, Xlib, dbus, Chromium Embedded Framework 3, Visual Studio Code, HTML5, EcmaScript 6/Javascript, Git, Gerrit, VirtualBox, Freescale/NXP i.MX 6 development board, X, Wayland, ESLint

iOS & Android Development
Techniques: Swift, Xcode, iOS, REST API, HTTPS, Git, Confluence, Android

Android Developer
Techniques: Android Wear, Android 4 & 5, Android Studio, JIRA, Gerrit, Linux

Web & Android Developer
Techniques: Android, HTML 5 (Javascript, CSS & HTML, responsive design), WebRTC (e.g. PeerJS), Web Sockets (e.g., Android Developer Tools, Chrome Developer Tools, Mozilla Web App development
for Firefox OS, JSON, REST, NodeJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Push Notifications, PHP, MySQL

Android Engineer
Techniques: Android 4 & 5, Android Studio, JIRA, Linux, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Techniques: MISRA C 2004, SIL1, PC Lint, Eclipse CDT, ANSI C, Systemite SystemWeaver (SE Tool),
Articus Rubus ICE (Inspector & Designer)

Project Manager
Techniques: Microsoft Project, Sparx Enterprise Architect, ISO 26262

Project Manager & Developer
Techniques/methods: C++, C, Human Machine Interface (HMI), U-boot bootloader, Linux, VxWorks, sockets, Linux shell script, CruiseControl, Subversion (SVN), cross-compilers, Eclipse (Javaprogrammering), Microsoft Visual Studio, Nullsoft Install System

Embedded Software Engineer
Techniques/methods: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Linux Shell script, Subversion (SVN), Apache HTTP Server, Trac, MySQL, Samba, FLEXlm

Embedded Software Developer
Techniques/methods: C++, Nokia/Trolltech Qt, FTP, UDP, Linux, GNU cross-compilers for PowerPC CPU’s, Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN), UML